Percepción o engaño, Mexcostura, Issue 82

Hola, I am writing to share with you "Perception or Deception" article that was published in the Mexcostura Magazine, issue 82 (January - March 2018) for the Latin America markets. You can view this article online, by clicking the above (Spanish) and below (English)...

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Case Study – The Human Resource Department

The challenges of human resources and recruiting professionals today is they have to take into consideration the gender, race, religion, and nationality of candidates as there are pressures from the outside and in, some are praised upon, well others just happen to be...

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China GTM (go-to-market) Strategy

I spent 20+ years doing business in Asia and 7 years living in China, travelling around Asia and watching the excitement of the growing markets and opportunities. For this article I will keep the focus to the “China GTM (go-t0-market) Strategy” and not look at other...

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Manufacturing – Women’s Fashion Shoes

In this article i will cover everyday fashion shoes for women, reporting on the many types of suppliers in Mainland China, which started as an innocent visit with the brand owner (buyer) to the showroom to meet with the merchandisers, inspection staff, management, and...

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Wearable Technology and Beyond

Over the last few years I started making wearable technologies to enhance the function of sport clothing, it's an industry with lots of attention and going through tremendous growth. As I love business, I am touching on the wearable technology industries, as it has my...

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Manufacturing – Sport shoes

The evolution of the sport shoes, from a track meet to the runway, how to capitalize on the opportunities. A few challenges in shoe manufacturing: Having a trusted (transparent) supplier or many suppliers as we can see from the following photos there is more than one...

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SU CADENA DE SUMINISTRO, Mexcostura, Issue 79

Hola, I am writing to share the "Your Supply Chain" article which was published in the Mexcostura Magazine, issue 79 (April-June 2017) for the Latin America markets. You can view this article online, by clicking the above (Spanish) and below (English) links. I...

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Case Study – Training (Supply Chain)

The importance of training in your supply chain, this goes beyond the surface of the discussion to actually being there and making it happen for the image and integrity of your brand.  For the sake of this article I will focus on the supply chain and operations, the...

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Case Study – The Inspection

This is a true story about the the inspection that never happened!!!  Its a true story about a foreign company with no presence in Asia (but lots of presence in North America), who spends hundreds a millions a year on products from Asia, but chooses to hire a 3rd...

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