I am writing about the China (Shanghai) International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition I attended on June 9th,   the show ran from June 8th – 10th.  The trade show was held at one of the halls at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.  There were four other trade shows held at the same time at this location and they were: China Shanghai International Fashion Production (OEM) Exhibition 2010 put on by the same organizer, 4th International Exhibition for Logistics, Telematics and Transport, Aluminum China 2010, and 104th China Stationary Fair.  Transportation was provided from Longyang Road subway station to the Expo centre, see below photo of transportation:

Transportation to the show from the Longyang subway station

Inside the expo centre there were four areas for registration and four entrances to attend each individual trade show.   See below photos of registration and entrance:

Fashion registration

Trade show entrance, pick your show

Inside the Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories hall some aisles were busy and others were not, see below photos from the trade show floor:

Main Aisle, one hall to the next

The first aisle at entrance, front to back

The last aisle, front to back

Below are some photos of discoveries in the Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories hall:

Sustainable – recycled PET (Polyester)

Sustainable – Cocotex, environmental and health benefits

Double faced, loose weave

Flannel with Metallic stitch

Crinkle Indigo

Melange Jersey

Baby Phat – Patch embroidery in chenille

3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery, no fill

3D Heat Transfer

Inside the Fashion Production hall there were less people but it was still busy, see below photo from the trade show floor:

Aisle near entrance, front to back

Below are some photos of discoveries in the Fashion Production hall:

Lamb Leather

Polyurethane (PU), fake leather, leatherette

Suiting (value)

Knit fashion top

Woven fashion skirt

Fashion fleece

In China, Guanxi (relationship) building is very important and it is also important to understand the customs and culture of the country see below photo of card presentation:

Two handed card display with bow

It was disappointing to see a handful of booths that were vacant, see below photos of exhibitors who did not show up:

No show exhibitor

No show exhibitor

Unmanned  booth

Like all the smaller shows there are a lot of challenges and it is easy to be disappointed, you need to be a good miner and look for the gems as there are great suppliers to be discovered.   There were no areas for fashion trends, news, and/or seminars.

All in all, I took a few hundred photos and gathered information on products for clients, these items will be stored for access on SourceTheGlobe.com in the near future.  If you see anything you like or need help with sourcing, developments, procurement, and management please let me know.  It is much easier to utilize someone who knows the right suppliers than attempting to train and educate the suppliers that you already have.

My conclusion is it’s another textile and fashion trade fair in China that is held in Shanghai; a few of the suppliers that exhibit in this show do the circuit and exhibit in multiple shows.  The show was lacking excitement and energy.  It needs something special to give it some staying power.

Happy Sourcing…