As some of you may know I have been involved in the Fashion business for over 20 years in Asia and for the past two years well living in Shanghai I have been making tailored clothing with actual factories and utilizing my 10,000+ contacts for suppliers.

I started off by making clothes for myself and this year started making clothing for clients in Canada, USA and Malaysia.  I have analyzed the competition and I believe I have superior sourcing, design, development, and garment knowledge.   Many believe this is a business I should pursue and I couldn’t agree more.  So now I am looking to grow this business into a full-time occupation.  I am looking for working and financial partners.  For working partners I am looking for a technology person (Global) and a sales/marketing, business development (North America and/or Europe).  I have prepared a one page overview, executive summary and over 50 pages of financial analysis.  Interested parties please contact me.

Now let’s get back to the product… I have handpicked fabrics from Italy, Japan, and China utilizing the highest caliber factories, finishing materials, sewing techniques and trims.

You can shop for my products on Daft Shopping,   or check out my Flickr page for a full listing,  If you would like to have a three or two piece suit, blazer or shirt made of superior quality you know who to call.

Below is small selection of photos of products I have made:

Daft Shopping – Jeffrey Living product page

Contrast stripe L/S shirt with real shell buttons

Contrast Stripe shirt with real pearl buttons, hidden pocket and straight hem

Stripe shirt S/S with cargo pockets and fake leather buttons

Poplin S/S Neon contrast trim and stitch with cargo pockets and real pearl buttons

Stripe L/S Candy Cane shirt with thick resin buttons

Candy Cane shirt close up

Candy Cane close up, collar with collar stays, check out the quality of the finishing 🙂

Wool and Cashmere three-piece suit (Jacket and Vest) with Contrast Candy Cane cotton dress shirt.

Italian Wool Blazer with Cargo pockets, exterior watch or PDA pocket and Real Horn Buttons

Velveteen Blazer with patch pockets and real horn buttons

Wool check Blazer with patch pockets and real horn buttons

As mentioned above are only a few examples of products.  There are many more not shown here and even more in development.  Let me know your needs and interests???