This post is in regards to the website which was down for an extended period.  In May, 2010 my quarterly service contract with my HK (Hong Kong) hosting provider expired, I decided at the time not to renew my contract as the investment for the renewal of my dedicated server exceeded my available budget and I needed to look at a full re-brand.

Then In June I started to feel the negative effects of not having the site available for existing and new users.  So at the beginning of June I began discussing alternative options with my Mainland China hosting provider, www.7×  7×24 advised that they now could help me get me my ICP license and that I should fill out the appropriate forms which they supplied to me.    We also discussed two new options for hosting:

1)      VPS, Virtual Private Server, more affordable option

2)      Dedicated server, continue with the previous Mainland China dedicated hosting contract before I was told to move my server to Hong Kong since I did not have an ICP

Within two days I had my ICP number which is now on my website homepage.  I decided it would be best to proceed with the VPS as it was more affordable option.  The next challenge was getting it up and operational.  For 3 weeks we tried to get the VPS properly set up so it could work with the Ruby on Rails back-end.  In the end I became frustrated with the VPS, my technical team and my site being down for a prolonged period.  So I decided to go with the collocated dedicated server option which was set up within 3 days.

Conclusion is as a new internet business based in Mainland China there are too many frustrations to list. What I am doing with is strictly out of my mad passion to connect the garment manufacturing industry by providing supply chain management and global sourcing online in multiple languages.  But the business is not sustainable without working, financial partners and key paying users.   So if you are interested in the business model as a client, investor or partner let me know?