This is my story of a “run hike run” through my everyday life as scene through the land, forest, and ocean. On a day when I run, hike, run to clear my mind, and go deep into contemplation about my thoughts and actions, while attempting to give back to the world that surrounds me.

On this journey my runs can be 5km – 10km ( 3.1 miles – 6.2 miles) and my hikes are 2km – 6km (1.2 miles – 3.75 miles), my pace varies on the amount of hills and declines, I usually spend at least a few hours to enjoy the beauty and surroundings.


Its an exploration of the infrastructure, obstacles, and impact from those that we meet on our journey (their pursuit of happiness, passion for life/business through to the struggle, resistance, resentment, and denial).  The many faces, the life stories, their past, their present, their habits, patterns, and their hobbies that give them structure and support systems for what they believe in today.

The forest as many places in life, there is infrastructure with road ways, walk ways, and bridges.  The obstacles consist of unchartered territories, fallen trees, and the impact of weather and circumstances of everyday life.  In the forest as in life, there are large, medium, and small trees similar to humans that have fallen to their surroundings.


Well others adapt to their circumstances, by staying straight and tall, some stay thin, and others bend to create a niche in the marketplace of existence, but many others fall due to weakness in the wind, the ecosystem (support), their neighbours, friends, and the weather (daily life).   What, why, when, and how can we learn from the forest?


In life you realize those you try and help may not want to change!  They like their path and their progress. Even if it undermines their core values, vision, and mission statement.

If goes beyond the company/corporation they work for and represent that speaks about community, culture, positive impact (integrity), change, and choices.  As one they have their own mission which is for themselves, they display their power and strength by crushing anyone who is disruptive or challenges their leadership.  In their eyes they are gods, and those who surround them are their to help them climb the ladder of life.

Stairway to Heaven or Hell

This is a reminder of the forest, land, ocean and it’s a story of embracing the beauty that surrounds us everyday, and letting go of the tragedies and power struggles from those you meet on your journey.

Its about discovering the passion of the people who built the trails (successful businesses) and those that continue to climb (entrepreneurs) and push forward for higher ground by helping those who have integrity and a passion for life.   Letting go of their status and ego for the better of the world and our individual paths to enlightenment.


Its about business, associations, and communities that have spectators, followers, realists, loyalists, critics, opportunists, traitors, sycophants, and possibly even a commitment for their present beliefs or offerings. A unique offering that differentiate themselves, their products and/or services from their daily surroundings which can be based on integrity, image, and giving back to the world where they participate.   Going beyond everyday to ensure the people, products, and/or services are ethical, compliant, safe, and genuine.

This is also happening in the forest, with the many sizes and shapes of trees, the shrubs, and animals that surround and support them on their existence.  The forest wants sunshine, rain, and wind to help them grow, strengthen, and mature.  Artwork and sounds from the Forest

One of the big hurdles of life is vision, some people are only living for today, and not planning for tomorrow.   They do not have a long term vision, and are only existing for today.  The world that surrounds them, as they are the only one standing.

Understanding your values, why are you on this planet?  Who is adding value is it you, a product or a service that you represent?  What is your value (proposition, community, and/or culture)?  Where, When, Why and How do you add value?

Going beyond the everyday to share your knowledge and wisdom, to guide, to hold hands, educate, teach, and support others on the journey of life.


When you need it most, the earth, the land, and the sea will be there for you.  To remind you of the beauty and tragedy of everyday life and our surroundings.

Peace, Joy, Health, and Happiness to everyone big, tall, large, small, and those that are just right.