It’s not about the trail, road, or path, it’s about the journey.  It’s not about the individual, it’s about all the elements of life that give us character, how we treat others, lending a hand, giving support, inspiring, sharing, caring, respect, who we socialize with, who keeps us company when we are lonely, and who stands beside you when you need a hand, heart, or head.


I started my journey by the Run, Hike, Run, until I discovered a bike so it became a journey of the Bike, Hike, Bike, as I can peddle faster and further then I can run.  But I still spend many days, running, hiking, and walking around the land that lies in front of me.

This adventure begins with the equipment, and for this journey it was deal with whats available, a lesson in life that I often have to utilize in management and operations.


I am 5’11” (178cm) and weigh 200 pounds (91 KG), so this 17″ (43cm) bicycle is a little small for me.  But I grew up riding a Norco, so it was a familiar ride.   This bike has become my companion and confident to take me places that I could not go without it.

I would start my journey on hilly roadways on a small island that would eventually lead to a path in the forest.  Once in the forest, I was touched by the beauty, the tragedy, and the everyday effects of the weather, animals, insects, and humans on the wilderness.


As in life it is good to remember where you are going, where you have been, and how are you going to get back.  Sometimes this will be a challenge as the body has been pushed to the limits, and the other path looks easier and familiar but will not get you back to your destination.  But possibly that is the path you need to get you where you want to be.


The fork in the road, there are no signs, it’s a different path, do you go right, left, up, or down?  Your decision will ultimately affect your future and your outcome.  If you choose the right path, it will take you where you wanted to go, the other path will leave you lost in the forest, trying to find your way back, or find a new path to get you back to where you want or need to be for your journey.

Its a story about my life, my decisions, and how they effected where I am today and where I want to be tomorrow.


Staying positive along the path is easy, as there’s lots of lush scenery, greenery, and colour. To Keep your mind clear and focused on the road (path) in front of you.  On your journey you will see many others on a similar path through life, that may touch you in a positive or negative way, but it’s all about the experience, which defines your character, creates uniqueness, and beauty.


Travelling through turbulent waters, when to seek the safety of the sidelines or dive into the current and push your limits to reach a higher plateau.   As you cross the bridge of life and get back into the forest, you realize the tragedies that are surrounded by the good, the bad, and the beautiful.


Some trees along the pathway, look lifeless, scary, and daunting, as some seem to have sunshine, I wonder why they have taken a toll for the worse?  Was it insects, air, rain, or human influences.  Was it the path they choose or was the path chosen for them? Once I get around another curve, path or trail it is a totally different story taking place in the forest with a completely different terrain.


Not all paths are equal (smooth), sometimes you will have to manage the many terrains. This becomes proactive over reactive management, seeing five or ten steps ahead so you can place each step carefully, ensuring your footing is in place before you step forward. The alternative is one step at a time, cautiously placing each foot forward, slowly but surely.


Once you reach the top of your journey you be delighted to see spectacular views of your surroundings.  The many lands you can see in the distance but may never touch in your lifetime, unless you make this your everyday choice of exploration.


Along the pathways you may notice large, small, and medium trees that have fallen to their surroundings.  Not getting the support of those close by to stand a few years longer, on their downward spiral the falling tree may take others down with them, some lean but have lost their footing, and they are supported by trees nearby, well many other trees that struggle for survival of sunshine, rain, and air.

Once the tree has fallen, others may take advantage of the opportunity, to sprout up new growth and vegetation to inspire the beauty and tragedy of the forest.

IMG_2537 copy

Once you get back to your destination, it is always good to see a family meandering around the forest, this young mom with her two fawns, touched my heart to see them moving freely through the wild.

So much to learn from the forest, the mountains (hills), valleys, animals, insects and more in the wilderness for your next step in life.

Bike, Hike, Bike… Appreciation