Find below my first blog on the Designer/Premium Market for the Fall season.  Ideally I would like to provide users of with a monthly bulletin by season… But since I don’t have a bulletin format established I will use this blog to highlight my thoughts about current trends from a manufacturing perspective.  I am excited about my first post on the Designer/Premium market, I hope you enjoy it as well.

In this blog I will cover what I see happening in Apparel Manufacturing, Fabric and Trims categories for the fall season for the designer/premium market.  You can register and check out or you can send me a direct e-mail ( letting me know what you need.   There are over 1800 suppliers and 400 buyers registered on and I personally have over 10,000 contacts that I have meet with over the last 21 years.

Below is a jacket that caught my eye seasons ago, and still has staying power.  This woven jacket can be made in canvas, twill, duck, or sail fabrics, with attention to detail (trim and decorative), wash (finish) and branding.

Cropped Military Jacket - Close up

Cropped Military Jacket

I have also included my favorite knit terry jacket from many years ago which stays with the Military theme.  It is pigment dyed, with poplin, terry, and rib fabrics.

Knit Terry - Military

Perfect tailored coats for the season, cleans lines to pleated silhouettes.

Structured Wool Blend, Cooper Buttons

Wool blend, pleated

Dresses that are meet the needs from casual to evening wear:

Silk, Satan to highlight the luxury


It all starts with inspiration, I will now cover some fabrics and trims that will hopefully inspire you, beginning with fabrics:

Wool blend fabrics, it was great to see Terry and Poplin fabrics with wool blends to add a different quality and value to the garment…  very luxurious.

Terry - Cotton/Wool blend

Y/D Poplin - Cotton/Wool Blend

Jersey with Modal which makes this fabric amazing to touch and wear:

Jersey - Cotton/Modal

Poplin’s with metallic luster, to add shine to any look:

Poplin - Metallic weave

Poplin - Metallic weave

Adding Metallic to sheer fabrics:

Voile with Silver

Bright colorful and flowy chiffon’s:


Basket Weaves – Loosely woven fabrics:

Basket Weave - Cotton

Basket Weave - Cotton

Basket Weave - Linen

Basket Weave - Wool Blend

Basket Weave - Wool blend

Trims – That set you apart… Real Quality