I couldn’t help but notice that the new Louis Vuitton store had finally opened on Huahai Road in Shanghai and to celebrate the opening there was a line up a dozen people strong that wouldn’t go away.

New Louis Vuitton store – line up – Huahai Road, Shanghai

I really liked their window, which is featured in the photo below:

Louis Vuitton store window – Huahai Road, Shanghai

I wonder if they are curious onlookers or real shoppers?  One thing for sure Louis has its game on, every time I walk by a Louis store in Mainland China its busy and their branding is executed with a confidence similar to their products.

In addition to the new opening on Huahai Lu (Road) they are renovating their flagship store on Nanjing Xi Lu (West Road).  See below photos:

Louis Vuitton Flagship packaging

Louis Vuitton Flagship packaging – Head-on

If you would like to share anything about Louis, please leave a comment… Happy shopping