I am writing about a show that I attended called the 7th Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair from May 19 – 21st at the Shanghai Mart.  The organizers of the show offered foreign attendees up to $1500 USD towards accommodation and travel expenses for attending this show.  The show was held over three floors with an additional floor for fashion shows.  I attended the show on May 19th, below is a photo from the registration area:

Registration Area

I was advised the ground floor was for OEM but after a complete walk through I only saw a handful of OEM suppliers.  The ground floor looked like a Chinese branded show with the option for OEM.  But the focus was on the Brands that the manufacturers (wholesalers, designers) were showing.   I have noticed more shows are now organizing the show by region (country, province, and/or city) which is helpful to highlight the strength and size of the region but does not help when looking for a particular type of product.  Find below a few pictures from the aisle ways on the ground floor:

Ground Floor "Wuxi"

Ground Floor "Hangzhou"

The second floor was divided between fabrics and accessories and a Japan section called J-Mode 2010, highlighting the strengths of brands from Japan.  In the fabrics and accessories section I meet a handful of new suppliers and recorded my discoveries that will be featured on SourceTheGlobe.com and reported directly to clients.  The J-Mode section had lots of traffic and style.  See below photos from J-Mode 2010:

J-Mode 2010 Entrance

J-Mode 2010 aisle way

The third floor was a brand show called Mode Shanghai 2010 that featured brands domestic and international brands looking to create a presence in China.  There was lots of activity on this floor and it stood out from the rest of the show.

Mode Shanghai 2010 aisle way

Mode Shanghai 2010 aisle way

In the hallway near the escalators there a brand called “The Thing” was set up and they were screen printing logos onto pieces of paper.   As well they had an artist on hand that was hand drawing images of people directly on to recycled bags that were given to existing and new clients.   See below photos of “The Thing” promo area:

The Thing Promo Area

The Thing - Artist at work

There was a free lunch which was put on the China International Silk and Women’s Wear Fair 2010, below is a photo from the models and stage:

Lunch Fashion Show

That evening I attended a fashion how put on by an Italian brand called UMM (Underground Music Movement), www.ummclothing.it which was held at Bar Rouge in the Bund.  The stage was outdoors and the back drop was the Shanghai Pudong Skyline.  The owner expressed he was looking to establish a presence in China as he has distribution set up around the world.  Thanks to Gennaro and Vincenzo for a great evening and show.

To conclude this show had very interesting facets like the B-Match area on the ground floor which connected buyers to suppliers in two-hour sections.  But I did not find the OEM on the ground floor catered to actual factories but companies that created their own brands that offered their brands as well as OEM.  The 2nd floor fabrics and accessories area was very small and most likely only catered to local clientele attending the featured Mode Shanghai and J-Mode 2010 branded shows which were the highlight from this trade fair.  If you are looking to enter the Chinese marketplace or looking for a Chinese brand this would be a great show for you to attend or exhibit in.  If you have any comments or questions, please leave below or send an email directly to me at Jeffrey@SourceTheGlobe.com.  Cheers, happy and successful selling…