This is a continuation from the afternoon of the 2nd day of the Ningxia Buying Mission.  After a fabulous lunch we were back on the bus and heading to the Cashmere Industrial Park to check on a few yarn, knitting, and garment making operators.

It was a large of group of buyers led by delegates, factory general managers and VIP’s, see below photo from the parking lot:

Buyers, Delegates, General Managers, and VIP’s

We arrived into the first factory which was spotless with pristine machines churning out the cashmere fibers (Goat hair) to yarn.  Below are photos from the animal fiber conversion to the final products:

Cashmere Fiber Machines

Cashmere fibers in the Machine

Cashmere Fiber Machine

Cashmere fiber being bagged

Cashmere Fiber Churning

Colored Fiber Collection

Endless technology for yarn

Non-stop efficiency

The final product – Cashmere bedding

The Final Product – Cashmere dress

The Final Product – Cashmere sweater/jacket

We then went to our second factory which was again spotless with pristine machines which was converting the yarns to final products:

endless Cashmere yarn machines

Purple Cashmere yarn made just for you

Magical world of Cashmere

Cashmere production line – finishing

Attaching the seams, one needle at a time

Cashmere production – quality control light box

The final product – Cashmere sweater

The final product – cashmere sweater

All in all in was a fabulous educational and enlightening day… meeting a good group of people and seeing the world of how cashmere is made… and that there are actually a few Cashmere Industrial Park’s in the world.

Happy Cashmere sourcing from Northwest China…