I am writing about the Intertextile trade fair that was held in Shanghai, China from October 19 – 22, 2010.  The show was held in conjunction with the Cinte Techtextil China Fair which ran in one hall (W5) from October 19 – 21.  The Intertextile fair was held in ten other halls (W and E) in two buildings at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

This was my fourth time attending the Intertextile fair since moving to China in 2008.  Thankfully I planned my return flight from Toronto and New York to Shanghai on October 18th (arrival on 19th) so I could attend the fair on the 20th through 22nd.

I decided to take the subway as there was a new station (line 7, Huama Road) that recently opened that went directly to the Expo centre.  The subway was brisk on the 2nd day but crowed on the third and final day.  The travel time (40 minutes one-way) was comparable depending on the traffic and the cost savings was 8rmb vs 80rmb by cab from Xintiandi (return).  For most the subway is about convenience, minimal lines, minimal delays, no bargaining, or difficulties with explaining directions or location.

The second day of the fair I arrived at 10:00am and needed to register, thankfully there were now two registration areas and the one I choose was closer to the subway station and hall W5.  The other was 5 halls (15 minute walk) away between hall W and E and was the main registration area.  Picture below from the secondary registration area:

Intertextile Fair Registration

It was particularly nice to see that no cameras or mobile phones were allowed in the fairs as well they had really high fencing in case some decided to climb over to cut into line.  I think it was unnecessary but amusing. Once I got through the fence maze I was inside the registration area but was redirected back outside to the other side where I needed to fill in the registration form.  See below photos from the registration form counter and the line up once you completed the registration form.

Registration Area

Outside line up to submit registration form

Once I completed the form, I decided to look for alternatives to the half hour line to submit my registration, so I went back inside and spoke to some staff and was allowed to check in quickly as an international attendee, from registration entrance to the show entrance it took seven minutes.

Fair Entrance – badge scanning

Once in the hall I quickly located the area where I could pick up and show directory and map in exchange for two business cards.  At that point I decided it would be a good opportunity to catch the view from upstairs looking over the show floor:

Photo from the show floor

Now it was time to find fabrics for my clients as per their very specific needs.   For the next three days I walked endlessly up and down every isle of interest looking for the one needle in the haystack.  Thankfully I found a hundred potential suppliers, see below photos of some of the fabrics I selected for the client’s needs:

Woven shirting – 80×80, 140×120

Woven shirting – double-faced 40×40

Woven shirting – water brushed 80/2×80/2, 160×90

Woven shirting – Two sided brushed 32×32, 90×80

Knit shirts – Polyester Linen

Woven bottom – Right hand twill, Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

Woven outerwear – Polyester, 50Dx50D, 185×106

Woven Outerwear – Nylon, Polyester

Woven outerwear – 100% Nylon

Knit outerwear – 100% wool

Knit outerwear – 100% wool

Knit jacket – Acrylic Wool

Woven outerwear – Wool, Nylon

Woven outerwear – Wool, Nylon

Knit jackets – 100% Wool

Throughout the show I noticed multiple areas that highlighted country, fabric and trim trend areas.  It was enforced that there was no photography allowed, and security staff were on hand to make sure you were not taking pictures.  Thankfully during the show I stopped by the show office and got a media badge (photography allowed) and was allowed to share the photos below with you:

Japan Fashion Week (JFW) – Japan Creation

JFW – Garment inspirations

JFW – Garment inspirations

JFW – Theme inspirations

JFW – Fabric inspirations

Intertextile – Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Fabric trends

Intertextile – Layers of time fabric trends

Intertextile – Fabric trends (no photography sign)

Intertextile – Fabric trends

Intertextile – Northern shelter garment inspirations

Intertextile – Trim Trends

Intertextile – Trim trends

Throughout the show lots of people were looking for a place to rest, sleep or eat below were a few options with attendees and exhibitors seizing the moments away:

Outdoor bench – fresh air or smoke?

Indoor seating – Rest or sleep

Indoor seating – sleepy time

All in all the Intertextile show is one of the most informative fabric shows in Asia.  I find that the Shanghai show is usually twice the size of the Beijing show.   If you are making clothes and buying fabrics this is a great fair to attend.  If you are unable to attend make sure you send someone on your behalf.

Happy fabric sourcing from Shanghai, China.