This post is in regards to the Honey Drop Fall 2003 collections that were released in the Spring of 2003.   Design of this collection started in the summer of 2002. We choose four themes for this season and they were:

  • Goth
  • Military
  • Multi-Media
  • Essentials

I was responsible for the creative direction and Nicole La Greca was responsible for the design of the collection.

This was our biggest collection and catalogue yet and we documented the processes involved in getting the catalogue made.

Abby Make-up & Hair Fall 2003

Rob - Photographer & Sonja - Creative (Graphics) Fall 2003

Rob - Photographer Fall 2003

Below is the catalogue we produced for the season with professional photographers, make-up artists, creative consultants, graphic designers and me.

Front Cover - The four themes

Front Inside Page - Goth

Goth Comfort

Goth Casual

Goth Fashion

Goth Premium

Military Comfort

Military Casual

Military Basics

Military Premium

Multi-media Comfort

Multi-media Casual

Multi-Media Premium

Essentials Comfort

Essential Essentials

Essentials Premium

Essentials Premium

Essentials Back inside cover

Military Back Page