If your “PRODUCT” had a voice, it would say please “Help Me“!!!

Trust defined

I have a passion for products, helping to build a transparent supply chain, based off a solid foundation.  On this blog, I explore issues, problems, and solutions with suppliers, factories, supply chain, product, and people.  I report on major brands and retailers, their products, and some of the issues I can notice from the retail floors.  I look at case studies and share my knowledge and wisdom to better understand the industry with those that live and breath it like I do everyday of my life.

I have successfully provided solutions in:

For major (fortune 100/500) and speciality retailers/brands, I have managed programs from concept to deliver, and even demand planning (initial buys, allocation, and replinishment) for thousands to hundreds of thousands of units, over 100+ styles, in multiple countries, with ten’s of thousands of workers.

FactoryI have 25 years of expertise and hands on experience to share with those who understand the value of their product, the people, systems, processes, procedures, policies, culture, and community.   I have 20+ years doing business in Asia, and I have lived in China for 7 years to be closer to the products, people, languages, and culture.

I am well rounded with a diverse knowledge of wisdom and intelligence to share in collection creation and manufacturing.  I am a proactive leader managing up to 150 staff directly.

Some Success Stories from the battlefield 

I define the battelfield as the back end of the business, looking after the product in the country it is being manufactured.


I have broken down the biggest supply ring in China, where the supplier, claimed ownership to hundreds of factories in a specific region, with their own local language, and unique culture.  It was a challenge to spot, then infiltrate, then provide a safe and secure proactive plan of attack which resulted in the buyer releasing these suppliers that were providing many of the headaches and heartaches.  This was done well ensuring no one was hurt or injured, and the quality, deliveries were untouched, and costs were not altered or changed.  The final step was the allocation of the products to new suppliers, ensuring that we could secure deliveries and pricing well keeping the product supply chain transparent.

I have managed major product supply chain issues, that would have destroyed the products, and the programs, and hurt the brand’s integrity, image, and result in lost revenues, profits, and a deteriorating ROI.  Some of these solutions were:

  • Quick hands on approach, of being there when needed
  • Looking beyond the product, to the physical space, management, the workers, their infrastructure to read between the lines to find issues and problems with supply planning, sewing line efficiencies, and training to ensure deliveries are made in a timely manner.  If you cannot look beyond you will be a reactive person dealing with problems and late deliveries.
  • Discovering outsourcing, where the supplier we trusted, advised there was no outsourcing.   This goes to seeing beyond what is presented to you on the table and the authorized location for manufacturing.  Everyday, I strive for transparency over trust.
  • Verifying the factory has the proper materials and trims as approved by the buyer for the production, I have caught suppliers/factories changing materials to save pennies which can cost the company millions
  • Being there daily, weekly as needed during production, to be proactive and look for future problems and provide immediate solutions.
  • Establishing structure, systems, processes, procedures, policies, and product manuals as needed to better the product and people involved
  • Improper outsourcing by a trusted agent to an unqualified or outsourced factory, dealing with major manufacturing issues (holes, improper stitch, sizing, cleanliness, and more)
  • Kaizen initiatives of techniques, shipping/receiving, cutting, bundling, sewing, QA/QC, trimming, pressing, labelling, and packing.  Hands on training, coaching, and mentorship at every stage, leading by example.

Knowing how to build trust, transparency, and when to be disruptive for the better of the product and corporation/brand (buyer).

Factory Training

I have developed, implemented, and managed systems, processes, procedures, and policies to be proactive in Kaizen initiatives and Lean manufacturing.

  • WIP management systems
  • Detailed tracking records, who said what, when, and is there a resolution
  • T&A calendar creation and management
  • Sewing line optimization, where is it being made (trust over transparency), what’s the order, who is handling it, how many times, whats their role, responsibility, and how we measuring their performance
  • Production planning, ensuring their is actually available capacity, going beyond what the trusted supplier tells you to the transparency of what is really going on.  Many times the factory says “Yes’ to your order but is overcapacity, doesn’t have available resources (machinery, staff).
  • Training and education, manuals, processes, procedures, and policies

By being hands on and proactive, I was able to alleviate the disaster on the production roadway.  I saved the business millions of dollars, and helped the factory and supplier with their integrity, work quality, effectiveness, and efficiencies.

Some Success Stories from the frontlines

I define the frontlines as the front end of the business, looking after the collection and possibly the manufacturing (see the battlefield above).

SL Board

Collection – Year: Spring 2007

I have created, implemented, and managed the P/L, CF and budgets to ensure product, people, and deliveries were managed and maintained, well costs were contained, well over achieving and surpassing targets.

I have successfully managed the departments within the corporation (company), dealing with human resources, S&OP, manufacturing, and logistics, overviewing, creating, implementing, and managing their department and tools (day-to-day, structure, JD’s, documents, forms, and performance measures).

I have created brands and collections from researching the theme, to the styles, and line planning.  I have travelled the world (USA, Europe, Asia) to look for future trends and shop for new fabrics, style lines, prints, colours, and much more.  Some of the collections and brands I worked on over the years, I break it down by collection (full line creation, from initial concepts to delivery) and manufacturing (overseeing everything to do with production).

  • PSW Ltd. (School uniforms, manufacturing)
  • Baby Bounce (Infant, collection, manufacturing)
  • MPG (Activewear, manufacturing)
  • Mondetta (Sportswear, manufacturing)
  • JeffreyLiving/68 Bespoke (Tailor made, collection, manufacturing)
  • Silver Jeans (Sportswear, denim, collection, manufacturing)
  • 1921 Denim (Premium denim, collection, manufacturing)
  • Rock and Republic (Premium, manufacturing)
  • Ginch Gonch (Underwear, manufacturing)
  • Honeydrop (Female streetwear, collection, manufacturing)
  • Aritzia (Talula, Talula Babaton, and TNA) (fast fashion, young contemporary, and sport, collections, manufacturing)
  • Off the Wall (Denim, manufacturing)
  • Planet X Clothing (Streetwear, outdoor, and sport, collection, manufacturing)
global woven top

Collection, Year: Fall 2006, 100% Silk, Stencil Print, Double dip dyed Kimono all natural Indigo Dye with real shells for detail

Being involved every step along the way, fabric and trim selection, collection development, line review, buyer catalogue (photographer, models, makeup, accessories, locations, and lighting), the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

And of course there were failures to learn from

  • Trusting people/suppliers that you thought you have known for years
  • Not getting involved earlier with projects, people, and products
  • Chasing dreams without the right people and resources in place
  • Giving up on a business/individual to early or easily
  • Over delivering, putting to0 much on the table than requested
  • Fear of the unknown

My objective is to share my passion, wisdom, and knowledge to make for a better world in apparel, footwear, and accessories industries.   Most companies need help with their product, people, supply chain, and operations, but only a rare few are willing to admit it.

Does your brand integrity, image, value, vision, mission statement, culture, and community (customers) matter to your organization/brand(s)?   

If your product, operations, sourcing, supply chain, and people matter to you, we should talk further.  I am accessible, 100% transparent and looking for corporations/brands to share my wisdom, intelligence, and passion (WIP).  Let’s start today by making your world a better place.

You can send me direct messages through this blog, my email, or LinkedIn.