2018 was the year of realization.  

Understanding mental health and how it plays into ours my patterns, addictions, and daily habits.    

Discovering that I have been struggling with mental health issues since my youth surrounded by addiction, habits, and patterns of my influencers and by engaging with more influencers at a young age through to my adult life that would help me establish and build my unhealthy daily routines that would determine the future Jeff.  

Recognizing, how mental health got in the way of my vision, my dreams, my realities and my purpose on this planet.  

I allowed it (defining what is it? your my emotions, mind, habits, patterns, and addictions) to take over who I was, what I was doing, when I was doing it, where I was going, and not understand why was I doing this.  

The how was easily defined as it was an action that I craved on a daily basis like a really bad Drug or Alcohol addiction that takes possession of your life.  I let it take over my life, and I was asking God why me?

The challenges:  

  • Understanding mental health and how it affects you me on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.  Really looking deep inside of you me, going back to your youth, teens, young adult life, and adult life, understanding, acknowledging, accepting, and forgiving the past 
  • Discovering that I did not listen, as I knew everything and my path was predetermined, crazy habit and pattern that is far from reality  
  • Understanding self-sabotage, why and how it plays into my life.  Seeing where it has stopped me from discovering greatness and exploring the full opportunities and possibilities   
  • The harsh reality of people that say one thing but do another, understanding that it has nothing to do with you and it is their personal struggles
  • Recognizing that when you are down and out that it was easier for people to typecast (stigma) and label you, then look deep inside to see what was really going on  
  • Repeating the pattern of failure, hopelessness, and sabotage only to be kicked to the ground to get up again and try and try again.  This is when I knew I needed to make some major changes in my life, in regards to how I engaged with people and what I shared 

Letting go of:

  • The addictions that I was raised with, that were a part of my everyday reality. That I believed were a solution to my problems when I was down and out
  • My habits, discovering how I was playing repeat and play in my life in every capacity  
  • My patterns, why was I getting the same result, year after year.   What value was this bringing to my life? 
  • The negativity within, the constant battle with others and with myself
  • Others who are fighting their own battle, who want to bring you down to their level.  There negative world and realities as they are in denial or unaware of their addictions, patterns, and habits that influence their daily lives
  • Successful people who I thought would help me, but realizing they have battles and mental health issues that they will never acknowledge as they have plenty of money in the bank to do whatever they want, however they want with no regard for anyone around them  

Being aware (conscious) of what I was doing, what I was saying, how was I acting, what emotions do I live by in my surroundings, my environment, so I could put a stop repeating the unhealthy, unhappy patterns of the past.

The wins: 

  • Learning how to listen, learn, and love. Really listening to what is being said, going beyond the surface to the discoveries deep inside of the person speaking.   Through listening learning to accept, appreciate, and respect what they are saying.  Which helped me understand love, compassion, opinions, beliefs, and people better 
  • Stop thinking of the past, as it’s your predictable future 
  • Embracing physical activities, like walking, running, hiking, cycling, yoga, and the gym.  Allowing it to dominate my world to help bring clarity and let go of the past   
  • Choosing to meditate and work on personal development frequently
  • Recognizing that we are the creators of our lives, we are not the victims of our lives.   Invest in yourself believe in yourself.  Forgive yourself and forgive others 
  • Self-love, self-appreciation, self-worth, self-respect, understanding of thyself
  • Understanding what I want, where am I going, and by doing discovering how am I going to get there.  

If I allow negativity in, the cards are stacked against me.  Why bother, who cares, and all the self-guilt starts to fuel your reality, fire, and negativity.  Stop that pattern and change it to a positive, anything and everything is possible, even with zero funds in the bank account.  You got this, you understand this and it’s you’re my choice to take control of my life.  

3 Truths 

As shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza

  1. The Devine lives in every human being.  Make an effort to connect with it everyday. 
  2. We are the creators of our lives.  We are not the victims of our lives.  Invest in yourself and believe in yourself.  Forgive yourself and forgive others. 
  3. Our purpose in life is to remove the blocks that interfere with the Devine intelligence.  

I could go on forever writing, analyzing and seeking out proactive solutions to stop our my daily routines that add no value to our lives or the people around us.  

I have written a 20,000-word book to look at the constant battles in our lives and the desperate need for us to stop participating, and get back to self-love and appreciation of the world around us. 

I am seeking positivity in finding the right publisher, editor, ghostwriter, and assistance in getting my book to the people around the world that are stuck in a RUTT, habit, pattern, and addiction that need to free themselves of the past for an unstoppable healthy and positive future.

In closing

I am taking proactive medicine, self-discovery, self-love, self-appreciation, and self-respect every morning before I get out of bed, as we I need to break the patterns of the past by starting the day the same way we I did that produced the result that we I didn’t want.   Don’t repeat the unhealthy patterns; be aware of the space around you and the changes you want to make.   Take responsibility and change you’re we’s to I’s.

Take control, by writing down your vision of the future, your strengths, your assets, what you want in life, how you add value everyday to everybody and every situation.  Teach your body what it is going to be like emotionally and mentally before you get out of bed, every morning read over what you want to fire and wire in your emotions and mind, install the hardware, and practice what you want in life.  

Stay conscious of what you speak, how you act, and what emotions do you live by?  Remind yourself this is the old self and start programming the new self by being aware of how you think and how you feel, as it is your state of being.   Go beyond your environment and take responsibility for your life.  

Thanks for listening, sharing with others who may also need to know they are not alone.  

All the best in 2019, cheers to letting go of negativity, embracing positivity in everything we do.   Focusing on health, wealth, and happiness.  Much love and respect from my world to yours.